Our full headed, Boggy Creek ‘Regenerated’ Sabal Palms are initially dug in the field and hurricane cut. The palms are then re-planted in a nursery environment and are consistently irrigated and fertilized to stimulate maximum regeneration of the roots and fronds.


The process takes about 6 months for the palm to become hardened off and approximately 9 to 12 months to have a full head again.  With plenty of water, transplanting on your jobsite is now virtually fool proof.


With thousands to choose from, Boggy Creek “Regenerated” Sabal Palms can be tagged at our nursery unlike Palms dug in the field.   The ‘Boggy Creek Process’ creates a higher rate of survivability.  Less  replacements for you and the immediate gratification of a finished, established landscape for your customers.




We supply the finest quality Holly Trees and Palms,
offering a large selection of sizes and prices.

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